What is an Electric Bike?

May 24,2022

What is an Electric Bike?

If you have never seen an e-bike before, it may be hard to imagine exactly what it looks like or how it differs from a regular bike.

E-bikes are just like regular bicycles, except they have a compact electric motor that gives you a boost of energy as you climb hills or ride long distances.

If you have a particular taste in bicycles or need a bike for a specific type of ride, you can be sure that there is an e-bike for you. E-bikes come in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs, whether you need an efficient e-bike for your morning commute or an extreme model for rough terrain.

Even though e-bikes are becoming more popular lately, they are not a novelty. Prototypes of electric bikes date back to the late 19th century. This means that around the same time that Karl Benz patented the first commercially available car, other inventors were working to improve the speed and power of bicycles. One inventor in particular – Ogden Bolton – filed a patent for what may have been the world’s first electric bicycle in 1895. Thanks to inventors like Bolton, e-bikes are now available to all.

How do electric bikes work?

E-bikes work just like conventional bikes in terms of pedaling, but unlike traditional bikes, they have a battery and a motor. The battery stores the energy to power the motor. The motor is compact and built into the hub of the rear or front wheel, or mounted in the center of the bike. The motor is the component that drives the wheels.


In addition to the battery and the motor, another important component of an e-bike is the speed sensor or torque sensor. A speed sensor, also called a cadence sensor, automatically tells the motor to start as soon as you start moving. A torque sensor, on the other hand, helps you match your power whether you are going slow or fast. With a torque sensor, the harder you pedal, the greater the assistance. A speed or cadence sensor detects whether you are pedaling, and a torque sensor measures how hard you are pedaling.

Do you still need to pedal on an electric bike?

Part of what makes an e-bike so fun and healthy is that you can pedal whenever you want – it’s totally up to you. The battery and motor help you tackle inclines, rough terrain, or long distances, so you can keep cycling and move without overexerting yourself. So, with an e-bike, you are still riding a bike, but you are riding faster and less strenuously than with a traditional bike. When you need a break, you can choose to ride on the throttle, where you do not have to pedal and enjoy the breeze while you ride along your favorite trail. 

Overall, you have a lot of flexibility with an e-bike. If you want to ride uphill like a traditional bike, you can turn the e-bike off and turn it back on whenever you want. If you do not feel like riding uphill, your e-bike is ready to assist you. Our bikes have 5 levels of assistance.

How much does an electric bike cost?

The cost of an electric bike varies and depends on what trips you plan to take and how often you plan to use your bike. If you plan to replace your car with an electric bike and commute to work, it’s worth buying an e-bike with better features and a larger battery for a longer range. If you plan to use your e-bike mostly for relaxed leisure activities, you should choose a model that is easy on your budget.

Regardless of which model you choose, an e-bike is much less expensive than buying and maintaining a new car and can be an extremely economical choice if you plan to use your bike for regular trips. The average cost of a car is $36,590, not to mention the added costs of regular maintenance, registration, and insurance, according to Kelley Blue Book analysts. Whether you choose a higher-end bike or a more practical e-bike, you’ll still save a lot of money compared to a car. Take a look at the absolute best value mid-drive C3 electric bike in the United States.

Is an electric bike worth it?

Electric bikes tend to be more expensive than traditional bikes, but they offer everyone the ability to bike wherever they want to go. With an electric bike, you save money on gas, car maintenance, and car insurance, and you contribute to your health – so it all comes down to what it’s worth to you.

Should I buy an electric bike?

E-bikes are a great option for people who have trouble going up hills, want to travel longer distances, struggle with various physical limitations, or would otherwise benefit from a little assistance.  Take a look at our mid-drive electric bikes.