Choose Electric Bike for Women Wisely: 7 Bikes Types and 3 Best Principles

Oct 11,2022

The electric bike for women is a reliable and ergonomic vehicle, which is not inferior to the male models in terms of technical characteristics. However, there are also very significant differences that exist in the design, which takes into account female physiology. Therefore, before buying you should carefully understand what are the main differences and how to choose the right bike for a woman.

What is the difference between an electric bike for women and men?

The first visible difference is the lowered frame. Unlike the men’s bike, the women’s frame is low. And all because the women’s bike is an invention from the distant Victorian era, when girls did not wear pants, but only long skirts. And so that the ladies could ride this means of transport, the design was slightly changed. By the way, in sports models, a beveled top tube can play the role of the frame. Another difference that can be seen at first glance is the color and design. Other features are its low weight. After all, it is much easier for ladies to maneuver on a lightweight bike and move it themselves if necessary. And since the weight of girls is usually much lower, the production of the electric bike for women uses a soft shock absorber. In this situation, girls cope better with bumps in the road. A stiffer fork simply cannot compress under ladies’ weight. As for the style of riding, like men’s bikes, they can be used both for leisurely walks and rides in the city and for professional competitions.

Choose The Electric Bike For Women By Purpose

Urban (city electric bike for women)

City bikes are designed for riding on urban streets and in parks. They are not designed for heavy loads. The city electric bike for women has 3-7 gears, a comfortable seat, large wheels, a high seating position, which is particularly easy on the back, and a hardtail. As a rule, the maintenance of such bikes is practically not required. Also in the configuration, you can often find – a trunk, chain guard, mudguards, foot brakes, etc.

Road Bike

This bike is characterized by a simple design, high reliability, and relatively low price. Ideal for trips in the countryside. Disadvantages include cumbersome, high weight, and low comfort (which leads to fatigue on long trips).

Mountain Bike

Universal means of transportation, suitable for both paved roads and forest trails. That is why it is the most popular among the other types. There are many subtypes: beginner bikes (for normal rides), freestyle bikes (for stunts), and downhill bikes (for mountain rides).

Speed Bike

This option is perfect for high-speed riding on smooth asphalt. Its design is specifically designed for maximum speed of movement. The functions of such a bike are speed, maneuverability and efficiency. The main advantage and feature is the lightness of the frame, wheels and all components. The steering wheel looks like “ram’s horns”. Wide wheels are safer, narrow wheels provide more speed.

Touring bike

This sub-type of the bicycle is a touring bike. It is designed for cycling. A special feature is the ability to attach a trunk and carry a bicycle backpack. Cleat brakes. The wheels are thick and wide, the frame is strong and light. The front fork is equipped with a shock absorber. The steering wheel looks like “rams horns”. Suitable for cycling on different roads.


A good choice for smooth rides on good asphalt. The top tube of the frame is low and there is a chain guard. The weight of such a bike is quite high. The saddle is wide, the gears are at least. There is a basket (trunk).


Combines the characteristics of hiking, mountain, and road bikes. They are characterized by the presence of a high frame, suspension fork, mudguards, disk brakes, and sometimes a trunk.

What to pay attention to when buying an electric bike fo women?

When choosing an electric bike for women should be guided by the main features. After you have decided on a model (purpose), you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Manufacturer. It is best to give preference to trusted brands that have many reviews on YouTube. Also, pay attention to the warranty, the more it is, the better. We offer a 2-year warranty on all our electric bike for women and offer a 14-day free return policy for your peace of mind.
  2. Size to Growth Ratio. The length of the frame, and accordingly the size of the electric bike itself, is selected according to the height of the girl. If you choose according to height, you should know how to determine the size of the frame. This is the distance from the bottom bracket to the intersection with the seat post, measured in inches, and is usually indicated under the seat (indicating the appropriate height). It is also important to check compliance in practice. To do this, you must stand on the bike so that the frame is between your legs. To be able to dismount and mount comfortably, the distance to the frame should be quite large. You should also not reach for the steering wheel unnecessarily. However, your back should still be slightly tilted forward.
  3. Frame. The understatement of the frame varies. There is a frame with which you can ride in a skirt without any problems and even with comfort. It is also preferable if the frame is made of aluminum, as this will ensure greater ease of transport itself.

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