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Avadar Affiliate Program

The Avadar Affiliate Program makes it easy for cycling enthusiasts to turn their passion for the sport into commissions by linking their website or app to our products. Joining our program is free and easy to use. Apply today and become our partner.



Avadar Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and earn money by promoting our brand and bikes on your sources. Every time you direct a customer from your website to ours, you earn money when that customer makes a purchase.

Participation in our program is free and easy. As a publisher, you place our links (e.g. banners, buttons, or text links) on your website. When a visitor to your site clicks on the link and makes a purchase on our site, you receive a 5% commission. We take care of all the shopping and purchase processing. We use the ShareASale Affiliate System to track and report affiliate activity.



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About Us​

In 2017, we launched with a mission to make cycling easy and fun with electric bikes. As a pioneer in the field of electric bikes, we are dedicated to developing mid-drive high-quality electric bikes. Our main value is to respect the environment by using green and renewable energy.

Our goal is to develop truly innovative electric bikes that provide a perfect riding experience and make commuting easy and enjoyable.

About our Mid-drive Bikes

Our bikes combine versatility, technology, and style in the next evolution of electric bikes. They feature a mid-drive motor, a double chainring system with a total of 16 gears, 5 modes of pedal assistance, and hydraulic brakes. The mid-drive motor is equipped with a precise torque sensor that provides intuitive and smooth pedal assist and increases the bike’s range by delivering only as much power as you need. Since the power comes before the gears, the bike steers like a normal bicycle. The center of gravity is also lower, which allows for better handling.

All our bikes are lightweight and sturdy. Built on a lightweight aluminum frame, Avadar bikes offer balanced riding characteristics. The classic frame comes without pivots and linkages and with mounts to attach water, making it perfect for riders who commute to work or run errands every day. Internal cable routing gives our bikes a clean look. The frame is also protected from corrosion, scratches, and any weather impacts.

The battery integrated into the frame gives bikes a traditional, sleek look. It charges in just 4 hours and can be easily removed from the frame or installed without tools. The battery has a safety lock with a key, and the LED indicator shows the charging status in real time. On a single charge, you can attain up to 60+ miles of range depending on the assistance mode and riding style. If a single battery isn’t enough, you can take an extra battery and ride even further.

Why Did We Go with A Mid-Drive?

The mid-drive system provides higher power and torque compared to similarly powered hub motors. The mid-drive motor drives the crank instead of the wheel itself, which increases its power and allows it to take advantage of bicycle gears. The center of gravity is also lower, offering better handling. Because the motor is housed in its own compartment rather than in the wheel hub, maintenance, such as changing tires, is just as easy as on a regular bike. Learn more here.