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Having to ride a long distance is no problem with Avadar E-bikes. Whether it's for everyday commuting to work or as a cycling workout routine, Avadar is what you need.


Yet the Avadar isn’t all about speed and efficiency – its pleasurable riding experience means it is ideal for a leisurely ride around town or summer cruise on trails with friends. No matter the lifestyle needs, the Avadar is ideal.

360 Magazine

The range delivered on a single battery is notably more than most other e-bikes at a comparable price and the ability to pick up a second battery is a nice touch.

Clean Technica

This bike is for somebody who is commuter this is a great commuter bike absolutely computer and this is designed very well for C3 City absolutely everything is integrated can not get stolen easily.


The Avadar C3-Sport provides exactly the right amount of assistance I want for a much more natural bike riding experience. If you’re coming from a gravel bike, or even road bike background and now need some assistance, this is a great bike to consider.

The Journier

You might be familiar with Avadar from their successful Indiegogo campaign that launched their brand. The goal was to create a light, fast and still affordable mid drive motor ebike, and I’d say that they nailed it.

Road Bike Rider