14 Best Gifts for Cyclists in 2022

Oct 05,2022

To find the best gifts for cyclists, you must first decide how advanced the cyclist is. If it is a beginner, then you have a huge selection of everything you can give with real benefit. If the cyclist is already experienced, then it can be a little more difficult, but we will try to find options.

The list of the best gifts for cyclists

1. The bike itself

A bicycle is a gift for all gifts. If someone does not have a bike yet, but you have heard from them that they love to ride, then why not give them an electric bike, especially if you can afford it? Just do not buy a very cheap bike, or you will beat the desire to ride. Right now, the cost of a good electric bike starts at $1,500, trust us, it’s worth it. It’s hard to find a better gift. The C3 e-bike is a good start for everyone.

2. Bicycle helmet

It is probably one of the best gifts for cyclists. If your boyfriend, husband, or other relative does not have a helmet, do not break your head and give him a bicycle helmet. By doing so, you will save his head and maybe his health and life. No, no, we do not want to scare you, but there have been cases where a cyclist died when he fell at a speed of 5 km/h and hit his head unsuccessfully on the curb. Very cheap models are not recommended choose. The cost of an average bicycle helmet starts at $25 on Amazon.

3. Headlights (bicycle lights or reflectors)

Lights are the second most important safety feature for a bicyclist. When riding at night, as well as in cloudy weather, we strongly recommend riding with rear and front lights. The brighter they are, the better the cyclist is seen on the road. The cost of an average bike headlight starts at $25.

4. Compact tool set (bicycle multitool)

A very useful thing. Sooner or later something breaks on the bike and you are forced to use the tool. A bicycle multitool should be in the backpack of every cyclist. You should not buy a very cheap tool made of inferior materials. Also, make sure that the set includes the basic necessary tools: Hex wrench, screwdriver, chain puller, and spoke wrench. Multitools are always on our consideration list of the best gifts for cyclists. The cost of a bicycle multitool starts at $15.

5. Bicycle pump

It happens that a novice cyclist has not had time to get a pump, or is simply hoping for the opportunity to pump up a bike at a car service station or garage. If your cyclist does not have a good, compact bike pump, be sure to give him one. One day he’ll remember you with a kind word when he’s out of town struggling with an apartment tire. If the cyclist is already experienced, owns several bikes, and needs to change tires frequently, you can also give him a full pump, which every cyclist needs in the home. The cost of an average bicycle pump starts at $15.

6. Cycling clothing

Of course, cycling clothes are a personal matter and usually, everyone chooses them for themselves. But why not give some high-quality, nice things as a gift? Especially if you know the size and color preferences of the person. High-quality cycling clothes are comfortable, beautiful and a must for proper cycling. The cost of a standard set of cycling clothes (cycling shirt and cycling shorts) starts at $45.

7. Cycling glasses

Eye protection is very important, as the cyclist is constantly in contact with dust, dirt, water, snow, and insects that get into the eyes at the most inopportune moment. The most popular option is cycling glasses with a set of interchangeable filters in different colors. Darkened, colorless, yellow, mirrored – this is the classic option. It becomes more difficult when a person wears regular glasses. In this case, it is worth looking for a variant of cycling glasses with diopters. They are more expensive, but surely a person will appreciate your care. The cost of simple cycling glasses with interchangeable filters starts at $25.

8. Bicycle computer

Another option for the best gifts for cyclists. If someone has been riding a bike a lot lately, then a bike computer is a very useful gift. There are wired and wireless models with different numbers of functions. From simple with the most basic: current, average, maximum speed, odometer, to complex with GPS, cadence counter, heart rate monitor, and other useful functions. The cost of a simple wired bike computer with basic functions starts at $30.

9. Heart rate monitor

If you are thinking about the benefits of cycling, you should definitely have a heart rate monitor. It will allow you to train properly, not overload the body, achieve the maximum training effect and monitor the improvement of your physical shape. The cost of a simple heart rate monitor starts at $30.

10. Cycling gloves

A simple, cheap, but very useful gift, gloves probably are the best gifts for cyclists. Cycling is much more pleasant with gloves than without, especially in cold weather. You can give gloves with long or short fingers, depending on the season. The cost of cycling gloves with short fingers starts at $10.

11. Backpacks for bikes

If you decide to give a bike backpack as a gift, you first need to find out what style of riding the person prefers. If he likes one-day trips easily, then the best option would be a shoulder backpack up to 20 liters, bright colors, with a ventilated back and the ability to use with a hydration system (it is better to give it right with him). For lovers of multi-day trips, the best choice would be a trunk bag. The cost of an inexpensive lightweight shoulder backpack starts at $ 25 and $ 35 for the trunk bag.

12. Book

In the age of digital technology, books can be the best gifts for cyclists. After all, sometimes it’s so nice to put away the smartphone or tablet, step away from the annoying screen, sit in a comfortable chair and feel the magical rustle of the pages in your hands, smell the printer’s ink, and touch something you’ve already forgotten about but is so dear. If you search carefully, you can find gift options for books with a bicycle theme. There aren’t many of them, but they do exist.

13. Streaming subscription

If someone loves cycling and enjoys watching broadcasts, but does not always have the opportunity to sit in front of the TV, you can give them an annual subscription to one of the streaming services. Such a gift will allow you to watch all the broadcasts from your tablet or smartphone. A cycling fan will certainly appreciate such a gift.

14. A trip to the venue of a famous bicycle race

What cycling fan does not dream of visiting at least one stage of the Tour de France, the Giro, the Vuelta, or other world-famous races? This is a great gift that will be remembered for a lifetime. Just do not forget to arrange the dates with him in advance and especially where he wants to go.

What NOT should give a cyclist

Speaking about the best gifts for cyclists, regardless, we would like to bring to your attention some items that you should not give away for one reason or another. We will give examples and explain why it is better not to give them away. After all, we do not want the thing to gather dust unused. This is our personal opinion, and it may be different for someone else.

Bicycle lock

The fact is that the bicycle lock gives a false sense of security. Almost any bicycle lock can be cracked very easily. So if you give away a bike lock (especially to an inexperienced cyclist), you are not doing it a good service. The only and most reliable method against bicycle theft is not to leave your bike unattended. Recently, due to rising prices, the bicycle has become a particularly tasty prey for thieves.

Contact pedals

On the one hand, contact pedals may seem like a pretty cool gift. But keep in mind that many novice cyclists are not only unable to ride them, but may not even know they exist or what purpose they serve. Contact pedals are something you have to get used to. Also, special cycling shoes are required to use them. If it is a gift for an experienced cyclist, then most likely he already rides with contact pedals and knows what he needs.

A large set of tools

Large, expensive, but not always useful. The fact is that tool sets (cases) often contain many tools that most likely will never be needed for work, and are of very poor quality. If someone has just started cycling, most likely, he will first turn to a bicycle service, and if there is a desire to maintain the bike himself, he will buy all the necessary tools themselves.

Parts and components for bicycles are not the best gifts for cyclists

You should not give away bicycle parts unless you are very knowledgeable and know the model of the bicycle and the needs of its owner. Because the variety of bicycles is very large. Wheel diameter, frame sizes, mounting standards – everything can be very different.

The list of the best gifts for cyclists is endless. But in our opinion, the listed can be called the most popular and useful.

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