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Owner of a Brand New C5 bike

Can't tell how fast or how far you have gone. Keeps flashing 27H and the bike turns off the motor all the time. Magnet is tight and the space between is 19mm, just like they tell you to check in their website. So far, no warranty or service after 4 to 5 weeks from delivery, I can't recommend buying Avadar. Willl go back to Evelo.

Love the step through e bike.

Great value!

Great value. I got the blue, and it’s beautiful. So happy I got this bike! Mid drive with hydraulic brakes for under two grand? Incredible!

Love it. Brought it with to my cabin. Now I use it to go to town 4 miles away.

Love it

My wife loves her new C5. It encourages us to get the exercise we need. And it's fun to go in to town and back.

Extremely comfortable

Shipping was quick and assembly was easy for me. The bike is extremely comfortable and easy to use. I have ridden on several 12 mile trips and the bike handles well with very smooth peddle assist. Love it!

My first eBike and I love it so far. It’s an entry level MTB. Not comparable to my full suspension MTB when I tried it on the trail. But, excellent handling on the paved road. Great ebike for the price.

Best bang for the buck

I rode my C3 200 miles the first week.

The mid drive is very efficient and keeps the weight near the center which makes the bike handle great.

Torque sensor controlled. This makes the bike feel very natural with no sudden acceleration when you pedal. It feels 10x better than cadence sensor controlled bikes that have a jerky on/off feel.

Speed. Most ebikes cut the motor out at 20 mph. I can cruise at 25 mph with the C3. It's nice to have speed when you want it.

Looks. The fit and finish are very good.

Components. The Shimano shifter is smooth. The front fork is cheap but better than a solid fork. The tires are fine for paved surfaces. The hydraulic disc brakes work very well. The grips are hard and cheap so I'm going to replace them. The seat is decent.

Range. I rode 40 miles with 1350 ft of ascent and moderate pedaling had 30% battery remaining. I used Level 1 most of the ride, Level 5 for big hills, and Level 0 for some flat sections. Expect under 20 miles using level 5 and pedaling hard (20+ mph average speed).

The battery voltage sags a lot when using Level 5 which indicates cheap cells but they should be fine for 5,000 to 10,000 miles at least. This makes the battery level indicator read as much as 30% lower than actual when climbing.

Noise. The planetary gearing creates a high pitched sound when you pedal at high cadence. It's not loud but you know it's a powered bike from the sound. At low cadence it's very quiet.

This bike looks like a cheap mountain bike with the low end front fork and unfinished welds. However, for the price I haven't found anything that comes close in terms of performance and overall quality.

Great Bike for Cyclist (especially for the price)

I have had my Avadar C3 Sport MTB for 20 days and have ridden 250 miles in the Florida heat. The bike does exactly what I wanted it to. I am almost 60-years-old and hill climbs have started hurting my knees. The power-assist function has allowed me to ride longer and further without undue knee stress, I was able to go almost 100 miles on my second battery charge only using the power-assist on steep and long climbs. That said, when I am running late, the power-assist allows to ride 4-6 miles per hour faster than usual to get somewhere faster, I have also been impressed with the torque sensor, which adds power to your pedal stroke just as you need it, While most of my riding has been on paved/improved trails, I have taken my Avadar C3 Sport of a orientation ride on a professional mountain bike course with good result. Today I rode in a Florida scrub with miles of powder white sand. The power-assist mode made that possible, even with the bike's 2.1", not-so-knobby tires. I strongly recommend this bike for people like me, who like to ride bikes but want some help on the hills!

Feels like riding a standard bike, but easy.

If you want to have the same experience as riding a standard bike, but with the addition of power and ease of riding up inclines and into the wind, this is the bike for you. The torque sensor is so smooth that the power assist is barely noticeable, except that ease of pedaling and speed is significantly increased with no additional effort. This is the ideal bicycle for me. I still get some exercise, but it's now much more fun, speed is increased, and I no longer dread hills and headwinds.

Nice Bike

I received mine with a very wobbly front tire and wheel. Contacted customer service and they replied within 24 hours and are sending a new wheel and tire which I should receive in a week. A second issue I had was the plastic wire guard inside the battery compartment was out of place as there was wiring under the guard keeping the guard from locking in place, which resulted in me not being to lock in the battery. Once I got the wiring behind the guard and the guard locked in place, the battery installed easily. The bike is a blast to ride and the pedal assist is almost seamless, but you will feel the power. It really makes hills easy to handle. Paint quality is very nice and the Shimano gearsets work flawlessly. The hydraulic brakes work excellent as well. The computer is probably marginal. You can ride for 15 minutes and the power remaining will drop from 100% to 60-70-80%. If you turn the computer off and back on the remaining power will then show the upper 90's. It's not really accurate if you're just looking at it as you ride along. A fantastic bike if you still want to pedal a bike for exercise but want to go easy on your knees and legs. My average 11 mph bike ride on my hybrid trek with my knees taking a beating on several moderate hills has morphed into an average 19 mph speed on the Avadar, still pumping the legs, but no pain in the knees any more. I've only had mine about a week, but I would highly recommend it, despite the couple hiccups.

Very good

I ride m'y bike every day and i am Evry happy

Love this Bike

Easy to assemble (assembly instructions assume you have assembled a bike before), fun to ride and a great bike for the price.

It's great!

This is my first ebike. It's everything I have been looking for. Well, worth the price.
Easy to assemble, with or without the instruction video. I did reference the video to make sure I put the handlebars on correctly. It's now my all and everything bike. Thank you.

Power! Speed!comfort!

Powerful convenient bike!
It’s smaller design means: convenience and versatility

Great Bike!

I love this bike. I added a little carrier for my son and now we go on rides together. He loves it too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him laugh so hard.
I took my children to the park and they had a fair there. I forgot to bring cash. We took a bike ride over to the bank and I went and came in less than 10 minutes. The ride was quick and smooth. It’s super comfortable too!!

Fun exercise

Finally found an activity my wife enjoys doing with me with the added bonus of being healthy. Really enjoying the bikes.

Love the bike!!

My first ebike. We camp quite a bit and I'm going to really enjoy the added help on the single track trails while climbing. Love the 16 speeds as well as I'm used to my 27 speed Giant Ranier. 63 yr old male

Very Happy with my new Avadar

I am very satisfied with the Avadar product and quick delivery. The only improvement you could make is in packaging, as the box arrived in pretty rough condition. The bike had a small scratch on the front forks, but nothing to noticeable. The bike functions perfectly and I am very pleased overall. Thank you!

quite a quality machine

i've had my avadar c3 sport for about a week. i am very pleased. With the quality, performance, and handling. I have owned and still own a few ebikes over the last 4 years.
my take on the c3 sport is . this is a great all around bike . great for fitness riding ,trail riding, and some single track mountain biking. the gearing is above what most bikes offer , there is a gear for every situation. the brakes, though unbranded perform very well . I am also happy with the power and torque sensing performance of the motor , i believe it can put out more the the 250 watt reason for buying this bike was to have another off road bike available which is light and easy to transport.
with normal fun riding i can get 35 miles of range , . if ridden in level 1, I feel you can get around 45 miles or more of enjoyable riding around.
I would recomend this bike to anyone thinking of getting into e biking . I would hope a smaller size is coming in the future to add to the line up.


Fantastic Bike! My wife has a Specialized TERO 3.0 which was $3250. The C3 is the generic version of that bike. The Tero has better components hands down but the ride is only slighter better. The C3, however, has 2 gears up front so less pedaling at 20mph. Also the C3 has a kick stand included as well. The C3 computer works great but is minimalistic while the TERO computer /app are State of the ART. But no difference in useability. One warning when you buy an Avadar or any ebike online is that you will need to assemble and set it up yourself. Out of the box the bolts were loose, disc brakes were misaligned, and also a cable came loose in the battery compartment which prevented the battery from being seated. That took some time to figure out. However, since the C3 has been setup, it has been nothing but amazing. Battery life is great but the battery level meter on computer is misleading. When assist is enabled the percentage drops dramatically, then when you remove the assist the percent jumps back up. After you ride and let it set turned off it jumps up again. For instance, I went on a 23 mile ride at 80% battery upon start. When I enabled assist for 15 minutes the battery percentage jumped down to 64%. I turned off assist and it moved up to 69%. As the ride progressed the level would go up and down when I finished the ride the battery was at 66%. Then next day after sitting over night the percentage was 71%. Which aligns with the proposed range. Definitely not a show stopper but can cause alarm.

This bike for $1680 is a steal. I will probably buy at least one more before the sale ends. I believe Avadar has really pushed the value lever so far that other companies are going to have to find ways to compete with this price point. I am rather shocked I only found out about this bike watching Youtube ebike reviews.

Haven’t done anything with it yet

Time and many other things, it’s together looking great get back to u soon

Great altitude bike

I am in the mountains of Colorado and always struggled on my rides. The Avadar is my first e-bike and I wanted one that didn't look so much like an ebike. So far it is able to climb the hills and I can actually breathe while I ride. Shipping was quick,The assembly was easy, and I was on the road in no time. Very comfortable ride. I find I only use 1 and 2 unless it's a bigger hill. There is a slight hum to the motor but hardly noticeable. I have shown it to my friends and let them ride it and there may be more orders in the future. Thank you Avadar. One downside was the foreign exchange charge which I wasn't aware of. I would have used another credit card that didn't charge that.

My new ride

At 61 I never realized how much I walked with my bike , now BOOM , my new bike allows me to ride like a kid again, all day long. Love it, love it, love it.

Guest bike

Nice bike when friends visit and want to ride along. Fine for mild trails and cruising. Will see how durable it is only have it 2 weeks so far.