Electric Bike Maintenance and Security Tips 2022

Sep 22,2022

If you want your electric bike to give you many years of pleasure, you should take care of its safety and maintain it properly. In this article, we will go over the main points of safety and proper repair of an e-bike.

carry tools to repair your electric bike

Do not forget to carry a repair kit for an apartment tire.

If you are willing to ride your bike long distances from home, be sure to carry a repair kit necessary to fix an apartment tire.

There are a large number of repair kits on the market that are necessary for repairing bicycle tubes and tires. But not all of these repair kits contain the necessary tools and supplies to fix an apartment tire. Here is a list of repair kits that you need to repair a punctured bicycle tire yourself:

  1. Mounting bead (needed to remove the tire from the rim or to pull the tube out of the tire).
  2. A set of patches to seal the bike’s chamber. As you may have guessed, this is a set for patching an apartment tire. This set contains patches of different sizes that you can use to seal any hole in the tire. In extreme cases and if necessary, you can also use it to seal the tire itself.
  3. Hand pump for inflating a bicycle tire.
  4. Spare bicycle tube. Many cyclists prefer to carry a spare inner tube so that in the event of an apartment tire or tube, you can replace the damaged one with a new one. In this case, the entire repair process does not take much time, and you can later seal the punctured chamber at home at your leisure.
  5. Bicycle tools. As a rule, open-end wrenches and screwdrivers of various sizes and types are the more practical multifunctional tools for a bicycle. Of course, this depends on the type of bike you have. Depending on the make and model of the bike, you may also need a special repair tool. First of all, when choosing tool sets, remember that you should always have a bike repair wrench with you.

That’s basically all the tricks with the tools. You can always take these items we mentioned with you, putting them in a backpack or under the bike saddle (if there is a special place there), for example, and the pump can be attached to the frame. You can also equip your bike with a trunk to which you can attach the bag in which you can store all the things and tools you need.

If you are traveling far from home with your bike and plan to change the tube in the bike itself in case of a puncture and seal the resulting puncture on the bike, you should always remember that you must have experience and skill to do this. So if you have never changed the tube of a bicycle yourself, you should do it at least once at home.

Replacing the chamber in the wheel with the help of a tool is quite simple. But if you have never done it before, it will probably be difficult for you to quickly change a wheel on the road.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the above list of tools and repair kits is only for trips within the city. If you are going far from home outside the city and plan such a trip across the country, in this case, you will need an additional set of necessary items for bicycle repair.

Always check the technical condition of the electric bike before a ride

Before you set out, be sure to check the performance of all bicycle systems. First of all, you need to check the performance of the brakes of the bike.

If you use your bike every day, you do not need to do this because you already know that the brakes are fine. But if you only ride your bike on weekends, you need to check the brakes for proper performance before such a ride. To do this, lift one wheel, turn it vigorously, and then apply the brake forcefully.

Also, always check the pressure in your bicycle tires before embarking on a long trip. If the pressure in the tires is too low, you need to inflate them before riding.

Protect your bike with a bike lock

Bicycles are stolen by the thousands in our country (and not only there), every day. If you do not take care of the security of your bike, sooner or later it will be stolen. If you ride your bike to stores, restaurants, or cafes, or use your bike directly as a car, you need to take care of proper locking of the bike yourself, protecting it from theft in your absence.

The best type of lock to protect your bike from theft is the U-lock. The most important thing to remember is this. All combination or cable locks can be easily broken or picked.

Try to always park your bike in a public place. Your bike should be parked on a bike stand next to other bikes.

We also recommend that you do not leave bags, backpacks, or lighting equipment with your bike, as burglars can steal all these things in your absence.

As with any hobby, there are many tips and tricks that we cannot fully cover within the scope of this guide. Therefore, dear friends, we do not claim that our material should be your only guide to cycling in the city. You can certainly find a lot of useful information on the Internet that can help you. For our part, we have tried to summarize in this publication simply everything that is most necessary and useful for cyclists, that is, everything that many of you need to know today, how to move by bike in a big city.

If you have become accustomed to your bike when moving around town, you are probably ready for something more. For example, you’ll be ready for contemplative trips and mountain roads or cross-country rides outside the city. A bike may become more important to you than a car, or maybe your hobby will turn into something bigger. Always strive, gentlemen, for perfection and something more.

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