An Electric Bike for Adults: 4 Main Things to Consider

Sep 02,2022

It is not easy to choose an electric bike for adults. In this article, we will try to give you an ultimate guide and answer the most common questions. Older people often lead a sedentary lifestyle, spending more and more time in front of the TV over the years, not doing any sports, and moving very little. A wrong lifestyle negatively affects adult health, promotes the development of diseases, and often makes older men and women depressed. At any age, it is necessary to stay active. The remedy recommended by doctors to lift mood is cycling, which can be done at any age. Fresh air improves the general mood.

What should be an electric bike for Adults?

Regardless of whether you choose a tricycle, a two-wheeler, or an electric bike for seniors, you need to consider the safety and comfort of older people getting around. Men and women in their 50s often have musculoskeletal disorders due to their advanced age, over the years they lose joint mobility and coordination, so the choice of transport must be made consciously.

Requirements for an electric bicycle for adults:

  1. Lightweight: allows an elderly person to take the bike without assistance and set it up again after a walk; it is easier to manage such transportation;
  2. The low step-thru frame is recommended – facilitates the technique of landing and getting off;
  3. The vertical position of the body when riding – given the limited coordination of movement in the elderly and weak muscles, you should avoid steering the bike on an incline, as this requires increased effort;
  4. Suspension is necessary to maintain the health of the back – good suspension absorbs possible shocks and bumps when going over uneven sections of the road;
  5. Non-slip tires, comfortable steering wheel;
  6. Saddle: buy models with a soft, comfortable, and wide saddle, as the comfort of an older athlete and the proper distribution of the load on the legs depend on its structure.

An electric bike for adults should not develop high speeds, transportation is designed to overcome distances at a moderate pace, safe rides, and feasible cardio loads.

The advantages of cycling

Riding a classic bicycle or an electric bike develops all the muscle groups of an adult. With the help of cycling, you can lose excess weight, correct your figure, make your joints more flexible, etc. To achieve your goals, you do not need to complete marathons or develop high speeds, it is enough to move at a steady pace and walk regularly for 1-2 hours. Cycling rejuvenates the body of a man and a woman by 25 years – scientists have come to this conclusion.

Here are some of the benefits of cycling:

  1. Strengthening the cardiac system, preventing congestion due to oxygen saturation of tissues, and improving blood circulation;
  2. Reducing the risk of developing vascular pathologies and coronary heart disease;
  3. Training of eye muscles and attention – while driving, attention is required and you often have to change the focus of your eyes;
  4. Good mood – regular trips to the fresh air improve physical health, have an effect on the general mood, promote discipline and make you rethink your attitude to life.

To ensure that bicycle and e-bike rides evoke only positive emotions, it is worth planning a route away from the roadway for adults. Breathing exhaust fumes are dangerous to health. A suitable place for cycling is equipped with paths, parks, squares, and forests. Here, all the conditions have been created so that an active activity brings benefits and positive emotions. To avoid falls and injuries, take safety precautions, ride on the right side, choose easy routes, and do not plan trips in the evening hours. Talk to your doctor before you start cycling, as many health conditions require limited physical activity and extreme caution.

How to choose an electric bike for an adult

Modern production is aimed not only at the younger generation, but more and more models of bicycles are appearing on the market, which are adapted to the needs of older people and are suitable for a comfortable and safe ride at a moderate pace. In addition to the above criteria, when choosing you need to pay attention to the accessories and equipment that you need to buy for seniors:

  1. Lock: to protect the vehicle from theft, keep it in a locked room and use special parking devices during forced stops and secure the bike with a lock;
  2. Trunk: older people often use an electric or classic bicycle to do shopping. To store the purchases, you need a spacious trunk, which should be located in the front or rear, depending on the model;
  3. Front light: even if older people should avoid riding at night, it is better to buy models with lights to ensure good visibility just in case;
  4. Helmet: even if you ride slowly, you should not neglect protective equipment, because in certain situations it can save lives or protect against serious injuries;
  5. Knee and elbow pads: an optional but recommended protection for older men and women to protect your joints in case of a fall.

When buying an e-bike for elderly parents, the requirements remain the same. Do not choose too “nippy” models, the optimal speed for the elderly is up to 25 miles per hour. You must buy a vehicle in official stores, where you can count on the help of customer support. It is better to refuse to buy a used vehicle, you will probably have to pay a lot of money for repairs, besides, the reliability of two- or three-wheeled such bikes remains in question.

Two- or three- wheeler?

A successful model for older people is a universal two-wheeled ladies’ bike with a low frame. This is a good solution for those who can already ride, keep their balance, have sufficient coordination, and are ready to tackle new routes. Those who are not confident in the classic design can try the electric or mechanical tricycle popular in Europe – a tricycle for the elderly, often used by European retirees. The growing popularity of getting around on three wheels is due to several design features:

  1. The additional stability provided by an extra wheel – the elderly person does not have to make an extra effort to maintain balance, you can stop at any time to rest without fear of falling when dismounting;
  2. Most models are equipped with a low frame to improve the fit; three-wheeled bicycles are a good solution for people with disabilities, for people with disabilities suffering from pathologies of the musculoskeletal system;
  3. Three-wheeled bikes are designed for increased load capacity and allow transportation even for people with excess weight;
  4. The design provides for a spacious basket, in which it is possible to carry not only bags with food but also small pets;
  5. Short frame – the type of frame used ensures a correct anatomical posture of the body, which evenly distributes the load on the spine and the person does not feel fatigued and pain in the joints even after prolonged use;
  6. Bicycles with three wheels guarantee excellent riding comfort, the seat is wide enough, and in some cases, there is a supportive backrest.

Three-wheeled bicycles with outboard electric motors differ from conventional scooters by their ergonomic design and help save fuel, lubricants, and maintenance costs. Noise emissions and pollution are minimal, making transportation attractive to those who care about the environment. Despite the impressive list of benefits, purchasing a trike is an expensive pleasure, as there are often problems with storing and transporting the vehicle due to its large mass and dimensions. It can be difficult to fit bulky models in standard passenger elevators available in apartment buildings, trikes do not fit in the trunks of cars. Because of the high center of gravity, tricycles can tip over on one side, increasing the risk of injury. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves which of the proposed models is suitable for them, it is important to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen means of transport before buying.

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