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Mid-drive e-bikes for any adventures

Our mid-drive electric bikes combine versatility, technology, and style in the next generation of e-bikes. We feature a mid-drive motor, dual front chainring, and hydraulic brakes for ultimate control and performance. The mid-drive motor is equipped with a precise torque sensor that provides intuitive and smooth pedaling assistance and increases the range of the bike by delivering only as much power as you need. Because the power comes before the gears, the bike steers like a normal bicycle. The center of gravity is also lower, which allows for better handling.

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Mid-drive electric city bike
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Mid-drive electric mountain bike
Mid-drive electric step-through bike

Why a mid-drive electric bike?

The Mid-drive system provides higher power and torque compared to similarly powered hub motors. The mid-drive motor drives the crank instead of the wheel itself, which increases its power and allows it to take advantage of bicycle gears. The center of gravity is also lower, offering better handling. Because the motor is housed in its own compartment rather than in the wheel hub, maintenance, such as changing tires, is just as easy as on a regular bike.

Higher Performance

80 Nm of Torque

Greater Range

60+ miles

Less Exhaustion

5-level Pedal Assistance

Better Handling

Superior Balance

The range delivered on a single battery is notably more than most other e-bikes at a comparable price and the ability to pick up a second battery is a nice touch.


Having to ride a long distance is no problem with Avadar E-bikes. Whether it’s for everyday commuting to work or as a cycling workout routine, Avadar is what you need.


“Yet the Avadar isn’t all about speed and efficiency – its pleasurable riding experience means it is ideal for a leisurely ride around town or summer cruise on trails with friends. No matter the lifestyle needs, the Avadar is ideal.

360 Magazine

The Avadar C3-Sport provides exactly the right amount of assistance I want for a much more natural bike riding experience. If you’re coming from a gravel bike, or even road bike background and now need some assistance, this is a great bike to consider.

The Journier

You might be familiar with Avadar from their successful Indiegogo campaign that launched their brand. The goal was to create a light, fast and still affordable mid drive motor ebike, and I’d say that they nailed it.

Road Bike Rider

Mid-drive Electric Bike Community

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