7 Reasons Why You Should Choose an Electric Mountain Bike

Jul 28,2022

Why you should choose a mountain bike? The bicycle industry has been around for more than a dozen years, and in that time deserving authorities have been formed within it. Among the most significant are the mountain bikes. They are ideal for outdoor activities, rides in rough terrain and nature, and enjoy stable demand from both professionals and ordinary people. Below you will learn more about mountain bike’s main features and advantages, which will help you make the right choice.

7 main advantages why you should choose a mountain bike

1. Convenience

Finding another two-wheeler more suitable for all types of roads is more difficult than a mountain bike. Thanks to the shape of the wheels, tires, powerful shock absorbers, and gears, you can always be sure that you will reach your destination quickly and comfortably.

2. Versatility

Cycling in the city, riding in difficult terrain, “killed” roads or in the wilderness – mountain bikes always meet all these tasks.

3. Customization

You can put a trunk, a child seat, a water bottle, a speedometer, or whatever you want.

4. Independence from the weather

Such an iron horse will cope with any weather and extreme conditions. In special cases, you can choose the most suitable wheels and equipment for the conditions of the trip. But this is where the advantages of mountain biking began.

5. Mountainbiking

First of all, this type of bike is specifically designed for such extreme travel. This is exactly what the main features of a mountain bike say:

  • – Reinforced depreciation;
  • – Comfortable steering wheel position;
  • – Reinforced disc brake system;
  • – Improved tread pattern for maximum grip on the ground;
  • – Strong and reliable frame;
  • – Many switchable gears.

6. Mountain Bikes Types

In addition to their general class, mountain bikes are divided into several types within their variety. Among them, two main types are worth highlighting:

  • Hardtails. These models are characterized by the absence of a rear shock absorber located under the seat. Most often, these bikes are purchased for long-distance rides on relatively apartment terrain and participation in sports competitions. It is worth noting that the design can be either with a front shock absorber or rigid, that is, without shock absorbers. Typically, hardtails are made of aluminum alloys to reduce weight and improve handling.
  • Full-suspension bikes. These models have a shock absorber on both the front and rear wheels. This is the best option for riding on uneven, rocky terrain, as the functional shock absorbers perfectly compensate for any unevenness. And all this affects the convenience of transport management because the highest possible comfort of driving is provided. The weight of such models is usually slightly higher than the hardtails.

Look out for our electric mountain bikes that combine versatility, technology, and style in the next evolution of electric bikes. We feature a mid-drive motor, dual front chainring, and hydraulic brakes for ultimate control and performance. The mid-drive motor has a precise torque sensor that optimizes power based on the amount of force you apply. The torque sensor also extends the range of the battery by delivering only as much power as necessary.

7. Affordable price

Of course, you have to pay relatively much for a high-quality mountain bike. A good bike cannot be cheap. A possible exception may be only children’s and youth models, where the too strong frame and reinforced shock absorbers are not necessary.

Now you know the main features and advantages of mountain bikes. Thanks to the many variants of this means of transport, you will be able to effortlessly choose the most suitable model for you, lead an active lifestyle and spend your time with pleasure.

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