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Advanced Performance E-Bikes

All our bikes have an excellent mid-drive motor and a high-precision torque sensor to help you conquer steeper slopes. The smart energy solution saves 30% battery, and the range is increased up to 60 miles. Whether you want to commute faster, exercise more effectively, or bike long distances, there’s an Avadar electric bike for you. More speed. More range. More fun.

Meet The Rides

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Mid-drive city commuter
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Mid-drive mountain e-bike
Step-thru electric bike
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Premium mid-drive commuter bike
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Advanced performance, save 30% on Battery
Fun and easy to control step-thru

Why a mid-drive motor?

The mid-drive motor system offers higher performance and torque compared to a similarly powered traditional hub motor. Pedaling and electric power are combined before delivery which provides an unrivaled ride experience. The mid-drive motor drives the crank, instead of the wheel itself, increasing its power and allowing it to take better advantage of the bike’s gears and providing more range.

Highest Performance

80 Nm of Torque

Greater Range

60+ miles

Less Exhaustion

5 levels of pedal assist

Better Handling

Superior Balance

The range delivered on a single battery is notably more than most other e-bikes at a comparable price and the ability to pick up a second battery is a nice touch.


Having to ride a long distance is no problem with Avadar E-bikes. Whether it’s for everyday commuting to work or as a cycling workout routine, Avadar is what you need.


Overall the AVADAR C3-Sport was a blast to ride and provided a unique riding experience that falls somewhere between performance, and leisure.

-Electric Bike Report

The Avadar C3-Sport provides exactly the right amount of assistance I want for a much more natural bike riding experience. If you’re coming from a gravel bike, or even road bike background and now need some assistance, this is a great bike to consider.

-The Journier

AVADAR C3-City is an incredible bargain buy of an electric bike that comes fully featured with everything needed for extended commutes through an urban environment.

-Electrified Reviews

“This is my city, my ride”
You will find it changes your life!
Avadar e-Bike will “wow” you and exceed your expectations.
This is a video for Avadar C3 Unboxing & Assembly Introductions.

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Avadar C5 electric bike

What is an Electric Bike?

If you have never seen an e-bike before, it may be hard to imagine exactly what it looks like or how it differs from a regular bike. E-bikes come in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs, we will try to explain all the differences.

Avadar C3-Sport Mid-drive electric bike

How to Choose an Electric Bike

When you ride an electric bike – or e-bike – for the first time, it can feel like discovering a superpower. E-bikes initially fall into the same categories as conventional bikes: mountain bikes and road bikes, as well as niches such as city bikes, hybrid bikes, cruisers, cargo bikes, and folding bikes.

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